Monday, December 31, 2007

BTR 12.31.07: Photographic Journey

Today I bring a short travel on the Internet highway. However, even a short jaunt on the I-way is both illuminating and valuable. I bring today an eclectic variety: like that doesn't happen often!

An assortment of information for the photographers, digital artists and the allergy suffers alike.

Yesterday, as you may remember, was filled with a huge array of Flickr photo discoveries. One of those was from a young man - at least I believe the account owner to be male! - who produced beautiful images. Being a digital artist myself, I was greatly impressed with his skill, so I sent him a Flickr mail.

The owner replied - again, I beleive it was the same owner (an email out, yet unanswered, is seeking clarification) replied with a 'Thank You' and details of the photo treatment used.

I was already aware of the 'treatment' mentioned, but the skill in its use was quite obvious.

I will be contacting this Flickr account owner again .. and soon.

When I receive confirmation of WHOM I am actually referring, I will pass along the link and the information. So... onto the FINDINGS.

1) Photomatix ... a stand alone software and Photoshop plug-in that allows the photographer to produce what is called HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging). Amazing post production capabilities.

Some photo purists frown upon such treatments as 'over cooking the photo'... but others, myself included, enjoy it when done well. I will agree though, when it is over done .. it's really bad!

More to come ...

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