Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Browser: FLOCK

Once again the magic of serendipity pays off! I never thought I'd find a replacement for Firefox .. but I have! It's called Flock, the Social Networking Browser. It's extremely cool. I am writing this post in the ScribeFire Add-on that is written for Firefox .. but it works great in Flock! I've found a number of Firefox Add-ons that work in Flock. In fact, everyone that I've tried, works in Flock. So, I have switched to Flock. I really don't see a reason - at this time - to go back to Firefox.

I have nothing against Firefox .. it's a great browser. But Flock is just more intuitive for working with Blogs and other Social Networking tools. The access to these tools is either built into Flock or works with it so seemlessly that it feels like it's built there. One other thing. For those who work in the Linux OS arena ... Flock is YOUR browser, too. Now there is no reason not to work in Linux if you're concentration is on NewMedia and Social Networking tools. The only thing I still hold out for on Windoze, is the use of the Adobe products I need that have just not been ported over to Linux. Hopefully one day soon, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Freehand, InDesign and Acrobat will all be ported to run on the Linux OS. In the meantime, Flock is a new satisfier in the seemingly endless path of the ever changing world of technology. Change or die. That is the mantra for today's face of technology. Tools like Flock keep you wide awake and very much alive. BTR

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